T-Mobile to give G2X a Gingerbread update soon

Shane McGlaun - Apr 25, 2011
T-Mobile to give G2X a Gingerbread update soon

The T-Mobile G2X smartphone is the best Android device on the T-Mobile network we reckoned when we put our review of the smartphone up not too long ago. The device has nice performance and one of the things that we lamented a bit was the fact that the G2X didn’t have Gingerbread flavor of Android running. However, we were hopeful since the G2X doesn’t run any major OS modifications, updates would come sooner rather than later.

We were right with that hope. A tweet from T-Mobile was posted up in response to a user mentioning that he liked the G2X, but missed some things about Gingerbread. The response from T-Mobile USA was that gingerbread was coming soon and the user wouldn’t have to wait long. That’s hardly a confirmed date and soon is vague, but hopefully T-Mobile really means soon. Other than the smartphone not using the most current version of the OS, we also noted a few issues.

Android Community reported over the weekend that some users of the G2X were having random reboots and LCD screen bleeding issues. If you are on the T-Mobile network and want, a new smartphone the G2x is $199.99 and it runs the Tegra 2 processor. It has an 8MP camera and a 1080p HDMI output along with lots more.

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