T-Mobile sets LG G5 pre-order date on March 29, unboxes in race car

The Galaxy S7 has had its turn. Now it's the LG G5's time to get the spotlight. Or at least it will be in two weeks. If it doesn't get drowned out by Apple's big splash this week, that is. Regardless of what may or may not come in the next few days, T-Mobile is announcing that subscribers can order their G5 earlier than the rest. And, depending on when they buy, they can get some cool freebies as well. As long as supplies last, of course.

T-Mobile will officially open the pre-order doors for the LG G5 on March 29. Just in case you want to avoid the crowd that will descend on LG's stores two days later. It might sound like a joke judging by the date, but the G5 will indeed launch in the US on April 1st. In South Korea and some markets around the world, that will supposedly happen a day earlier, on March 31st, according to Korean media.

As always, T-Mobile is throwing in some goodies when you get yours ASAP. If you buy before April 17, for example, you will get an extra battery and docking station. Considering how the G5's battery, or rather the way of removing it, is quite unprecedented, it might be an interesting life saver to have at hand.

But if you're extra, extra early, like before April 5, LG will be throwing in an LG 360 CAM as well, a 360-degree VR-ready camera that will retail for around $200. However, that only applies while supplies last, which might not be that much given how it will quickly run out. If you do get one, however, you might also be tempted to grab an LG 360 VR as well. So that, you know, you can enjoy that 360-degree footage.

To bring on the hype for the LG G5's launch, T-Mobile makes yet another unorthodox unboxing. Last time, we saw the carrier underwater with the Samsung Galaxy S7 to boast of the smartphone's waterproof rating. This time, T-Mobile unboxed the G5 inside a fast moving race car. Whether that hints at how fast and rugged the smartphone is in the real world, you'll have to wait for our in-depth review to find out.