How to turn on T-Mobile robocall "Scam Likely" calls on iPhone and Android

T-Mobile has announced the rollout of its Scam ID and Scam Block services, which let subscribers know if an incoming call is likely to be a scam. Such a feature is particularly welcomed during tax season, a time when scam calls are plentiful, and it also helps protect particularly vulnerable groups who are often targeted by such scammers. The features are being given to T-Mobile customers for free.

Scam calls are, unfortunately, all too common. These calls may involve someone impersonating a hacker or a government agency, teams of people pretending to be a bank or business, and more. The elderly are often targeted by such scams, though everyone is vulnerable. Unfortunately, millions of dollars make their way into scammers' bank accounts every year.

The technology is baked into T-Mobile's network and will appear on any phone using the network. When a scam call arrives on a customer's handset, it will have already been analyzed and checked with a database containing known scam numbers. T-Mobile says that it keeps this database up to date in real time using its own technology.

Dial the following characters (with corresponding numbers):

#ONI# (#664#) – Enable Scam ID

#STS# (#787#) – Check Scam Block enabled status

#ONB# (#662#) – Enable Scam Block

#OFB# (#632#) – Disable Scam Block

When a known scam number calls a customer, the customer will see an alert on their phone advising them that it is likely a scam. To take things a step further, the Scam Block feature in particular allows customers to block scam numbers so that no future calls are received from that number.

T-Mobile ONE customers should be seeing this feature arrive soon, if it hasn't already. Those who are new to the service will be seeing it by April 5, while other postpaid customers can enable it starting on that date — to do so, dial #ONI#. For Scam Block, dial #ONB#.

SOURCE: T-Mobile