T-Mobile REVVL 2, REVVL 2 Plus dangle 2-year warranty offer

Smartphone prices are soaring higher and higher every year, sometimes with very little reason to. Some manufacturers try to steer the ship the other way but such is the unstoppable market trend. Ever the contrarian, "Un-carrier" T-Mobil insists you don't really have to burn through your life savings to get a serviceable smartphone (while it does sell such wallet-burning models at the same time). You can, instead, just opt for one of T-Mobile's two new REVVL 2 phones. That is if all you really wanted as a T-Mobile branded Android phone.

T-Mobile hasn't suddenly become a phone manufacturer. Just like last year's REVVL phones, it has just taken a phone designed and built by another company and slapped its branding on it. We wouldn't be surprised if it went with TCL again for the REVVL 2 and REVVL 2 Plus.

Neither smartphone is exceptional and that is exactly the point. They're just meant to offer the basics, without being too outdated. Both have that now common 18:9 aspect ratio screens but neither have bezel-less panels. Both do have fingerprint scanners on their back at least and the REVVL 2 Plus does sport dual cameras. Here's a quick rundown of their specs:


• CPU: MediaTek MT6739 1.5 GHz Quad-Core

• Screen: 5.5" HD (1440x720) 18:9 display

• Memory: 2GB RAM, 32GB storage, expandable to 128GB

• Camera: 13MP RFC/8MP FFC

• Battery: 3,000 mAh

• Software: Android O

• Security: Face recognition & fingerprint sensor

• Water/Dust Resistance: IP52

REVVL 2 Plus

• CPU: MediaTek MT6739 2.5 GHz Octa-Core

• Screen: 6.0" FHD + (2160x1080) 18:9 display

• Memory: 3GB RAM, 32GB storage and expandable to 128GB

• Camera: 12MP + 2 MP RFC/8MP FFC

• Battery: 4,000 mAh

• Software: Android O

• Security: Face recognition & fingerprint sensor

• Water/Dust Resistance: IP52

The REVVL 2 and REVVL 2 Plus will be available in T-Mobile stores and online starting November 16 at regular prices of $168 and $252, respectively. For a limited time, the REVVL 2 can be snagged for free after 24 monthly device credits when adding a new line. Both phones also come with a two-year warranty. That means that if you bring that phone in, in good condition, for whatever reason, the Un-carrier will replace it with something else.