T-Mobile replaces TVision services with discounted Philo and YouTube TV

T-Mobile plans to shutter its TVision Live and VIBE services in late April, but it is giving its subscribers the opportunity to continue getting live streaming television through new deals with Google and Philo. Under the change, both services will be offered at a $10 discount, meaning Philo will only cost subscribers $10/month.

According to T-Mobile, it will 'wind down' its TVision Live and VIBE services on April 29, instead offering TVision Hub device owners (and other T-Mobile/Sprint customers) the opportunity to get YouTube TV or Philo at the aforementioned discount.

The company provided a long explanation about why it made this decision, noting everything from a changing entertainment landscape to the greater number of channels these third-party services will offer current TVision users.

According to T-Mobile, its TVision customers can get YouTube TV and Philo at $10 off per month; in addition, Live customers are offered a free month of YouTube TV and three months of YouTube Premium for free.

Meanwhile, TVision VIBE customers are offered a free month of Philo. The discount will be opened to all postpaid Sprint/T-Mobile customers starting on April 6, according to the carrier, which notes that YouTube TV has around double the channels at TVision Live while Philo has around double the channels offered by VIBE.