T-Mobile offering Motorola ZN5 for "free" this weekend

Oh, the Black Friday deals just keep pouring in. Check this out. Apparently this weekend you can get a Motorla ZN5 phone from T-Mobile for free. Yup, you read that correctly. Completely and totally free. Though there is, of course, a catch.

Between November 28 and November 30 (Friday-Sunday) you will be able to get your hands on the Motorola ZN5 for free from T-Mobile. And since the sale lasts all weekend, you can save this bargain for Saturday or Sunday instead of trying to cram it in on Friday when everyone else is having their super-limited sales.

However, there is a big catch here. When approaching the register with your brand new Motorola ZN5, you're still going to have to shell out $99 on the spot. The whole "free" part comes in after sending in a mail-in rebate. Plus, you have to sign a two-year contract with T-Mobile. Talk about taking the wind out of that one! Still, if you were interested in the ZN5 anyway, this deal is certainly not one to pass up.