T-Mobile offering free year of HotSpot service to OLPC buyers

Few people will argue the fact that the OLPC project is one with noble intentions. Sure, you could say that the money could be better spent on feeding the hungry, but educating the children of third world countries is also necessary for their survival. Unfortunately, many people are going to look at the steep $400 price tag and wonder if it is worth paying.

Yes, the fact that you payed twice as much for a laptop to ensure that a child in some third world country gets one should make you feel all fuzzy inside and make it all worth while. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks that way, and they need a little more initiative to make the donation. Thankfully, T-Mobile has stepped up and made it more than worth your while.

Now thanks to T-Mobile, when you donate $399 to the OLPC project, not only do you receive one of the laptops for yourself, but you also receive free HotSpot access for an entire year. Many of the people donating will be doing so, regardless of the extra incentives that they get, however, for those looking for a little extra nudge, this will surely help. For those looking to put a number on what they're getting in return, HotSpot access from T-Mobile runs $360 a year.

Give One Get One OLPC, Get Free Year of T-Mobile HotSpot [via notebooks]