T-Mobile offering a "New Deal"

Maybe not the kind that Roosevelt was talking about, but I'd say a free round trip plane ticket just for signing up for a new contract with T-Mobile is a good deal. That's right, beginning on Black Friday (November 23rd, a.k.a. this Friday) certain myFaves contracts will net you a form for a booking request.

The booking request is how you get your flight, it will get you from any one of 59 cities to one of 10 choice destinations, Vegas, NYC, LA, Orlando, Miami, ATL, Boston, Chi-Town, Dallas, and D.C., your choice. So, if you've been reading our reviews of the various T-Mobile products and have been considering picking one up for yourself (personally I recommend the Sidekick LX, I freakin' love this thing) there probably won't be a much better time than when you get a free round trip ticket, that way, at least if you can't visit someone who's in your five, you can go somewhere warm, or at least different.

You cant actually take the trip until 2008, but, hey, its on someone else's time, so that just means you'll be able to give your employer plenty of notice and save up for the trip. The deal will be good online or in any T-Mobile retail store, the best part, this isn't one of those deals you have to get in line the previous night for.

"Black Friday" Turns Sky Blue: On Thanksgiving Weekend, T-Mobile to Offer Free Flights in '08 [via t-mobilefreeflight]