T-Mobile Moto X Will Be Available Only Via Google Play According To Leak

In what has proven to be a bit of a head-scratcher, a screenshot has surfaced by way of the T-Mobile Moto X device page showing availability as only through Google Play. This seems to contradict information that had been stated previously in a press release that the handset would be available to the carrier's customers via Motorola.com.

The screenshot was nabbed by the folks at Tmonews, and adding to the mix of it all is a tweet by T-Mobile's John Legere that reads in part: "Who's jumping to the #MyMotoX when it's available on @TMobile in September? #JUMP!" Such a tweet is vague, but implies customers will be able to get the Motorola handset next month on JUMP. Of course, the tweet could be interpreted wrong, but until T-Mobile offers up some clear info, it is anyone's guess.

As such, some questions are left up in the air. Will T-Mobile's website direct to the Google Play store for customers to grab the Moto X? Never mind the press release that had stated it would be available to subscribers directly from Motorola.com. T-Mobile had stated in the past that the Moto X would first be available through Motorola's channels.

While the Google foundation of Motorola could perhaps make the Play Store count as such, it is equally as likely that something could have changed behind the scenes since the carrier's marketing chief made such claims. Regardless, T-Mobile hasn't stepped up to provide any statement regarding the leak, and so it is anybody's guess at the moment.

SOURCE: Android Community