T-Mobile LG Stylo 5 receives an Android 10 update

From being one that shouts "first!" when a new Android update is released, LG has now become one of the worst-rated manufacturers when it comes to timely Android updates. That's true for its most flagships but is even worse for its mid-range and entry-level models. So when news of Android 10 landing on a mid-2019 Stylo 5, there is definitely much reason to be pleasantly surprised. Especially when you consider it's coming via the long-winded carrier route.

The LG Stylo 5 that launched on T-Mobile June last year is nothing to write home about, especially with the Stylo 6 as the latest iteration of LG's phone with a stick. The specs aren't exactly glowing either, with a Snapdragon 450 you barely hear about these days.

It's exactly for those reasons that it comes almost as a shock that it would even receive an Android 10 update. In theory, it's definitely still within the customary two-year period for getting updates and it should receive Android 11 sometime next year. Given LG's track record, however, it's still nothing short of a miracle.

Android 10 brings quite a huge number of changes, mostly under the hood, though Dark Mode support, Digital Wellbeing, and full-screen gesture navigation could be counted as the release's highlights. The update also brings LG's own UX 9.0 that's designed for a cleaner look and easier one-handed operation.

The large 1.2 GB update has started rolling out to T-Mobile customers. The changelog, unfortunately, doesn't mention what security patch level this update brings as well. Although the LG Stylo 5 remains one of the company's less notable phones, those who have invested in the sub-$300 at least won't feel too left out of the latest software features available to more expensive phones.