T-Mobile Jet 2.0 4G USB modem to launch March 23

If you are in the market for a new modem to support 4G networks T-Mobile has a new offering coming this month. The modem is called the Jet 2.0 and it will land at stores on March 23. The device will be able to hit theoretical peak download speeds of 21Mbps on the HSPA+ network.

According to the flyer the device will be available for new subscribers and upgrades on March 23. The price is unknown, but T-mobile's flyer describes the Jet 2.0 4G as targeting the busy, value-conscious user. That would lead you to think this will be a cheap offering.

Features of the USB modem include a microSD card slot presumably allowing it to act as a flash drive and WiFi connected management. The Jet 2.0 4G will require a webConnect Data Rate Plan.

[via T-Mo News]