T-Mobile going after small business with Uncarrier 9

With Uncarrier 9, the expectations were big. T-Mobile typically comes forward when they've got something significant to announce, and today was no different. In celebrating two years of 'Uncarrier' moves, T-Mobile CEO John Legere — Red Bull in hand — went on a review of the carrier's growth since Uncarrier began. So what exactly is 'Uncarrier 9'? Exactly as we suspected, T-Mobile is attacking enterprise. According to CEO John Leger, T-Mobile is going to do for business what they've done for the average consumer.

T-Mobile isn't going after large businesses, though. Your upstart, bootstrap business is their aim. T-Mobile is trying to attract small to midsize businesses with Uncarrier 9.

Rather than offer up a big-business rate plan for the mom-and-pop stores, T-Mobile is allowing for some freedoms. Uncomplicated is the key, and T-Mobile is making it really simple.

Here's how it breaks down, according to T-Mobile. up to 20 lines will cost you $15 per line. After that, all lines are $15 per line. Tablets are $10 per line. T-Mobile says their rates are 42% lower than existing plans.

Those lines get 1GB LTE data included, as well as unlimited talk and text. Data is also unlimited, but you'll see throttling after that 1GB. If you need more data, you can add data per line, or per plan. Businesses that have a sales person in the field, who uses a lot of data while others use very little, will like this.

You can also buy a 'pool' of data, which is like a prepaid cache of data for your business lines to share. The price is per GB, too, which scales according to your data needs. If you need added data per line, it's $10/month for 2GB.

T-Mobile is also making it easy for businesses to get online. Along with their business phone lines, your small business can also get a website. Partnering with GoDaddy, T-Mobile is going to offer your business a free '.com' website. With that website, businesses will also get branded email addresses via Microsoft Office 365.

Even better, family members of employees will get discounts. If your family members have a personal plan with T-Mobile in addition to your business line, your business line is treated as the primary family line. So your family is actually additional to your business line, at least for billing purposes. It also applies to existing customers.

All good businesses are based on partnerships, and T-Mobile has some interesting ones to announce their Uncarrier approach for small to mid-size businesses. If they can do for business what they've done for consumers, look out AT&T and Verizon.