T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+ Marshmallow update rollout underway

Samsung Galaxy smartphone owners on T-Mobile should be excited to hear that the Marshmallow Android update is rolling out now for a pair of the popular Galaxy devices. The update rollout kicked off yesterday for the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 edge+ smartphones. Starting yesterday the Galaxy Note 5 received an update to Android 6.0.1 with baseband version N920TUVU2DPD1.T-Mobile gives owners of these smartphones easy steps to check and see if the update has been installed on their device. For users who are on Android Lollipop to find the baseband you go to the apps icon from the home screen, tap settings, scroll down to System and tap About device and find the baseband version on the phone.

If you have already been updated to Marshmallow you don't have to tap System, the baseband version will be in the About device tab. Users who find baseband versions N920TUVU2DPD1 are on the latest version of the software available for the Note 5. Users on baseband versions N920TUVU2COJ5, N920TUVU2COJ5, N920TUVU2COI5, N920TUVU1BOH6, N920TUVU1BOH4, or N920TUVU1AOGE can update to the latest version. The rollout will run from April 18 to May 20 for the Note 5 and users will get a prompt to update.

Galaxy S6 edge+ users will be updated to Marshmallow as well with baseband G928TUVU2DPD1. You can check your baseband version via the same methods outlined above. Basebands that can upgrade directly to Marshmallow on the S6 Edge+ include G928TUVS2COKC, G928TUVU2COJ5, G928TUVU2COI5, G928TUVU1BOH6, G928TUVU1BOH4, and G928TUVU1AOGD.

The software update for the S6 edge+ will be rolling out between April 18 and May 20 and users on WiFi will be prompted to download the update when available. If either device is on a baseband not listed above, it can't be updated to Marshmallow. The Marshmallow update is large at 1.34GB for each device.

SOURCE: T-Mobile (1), (2)