T-Mobile G1 gets Rooted

Those people over at the XDA Developers Forum really like to get to work! In fact, they've just gained access to the root of the new T-Mobile G1. This was possible because of a loop hole in PTerminal. This loop hole provides access to the root. In fact, you can download the PTerminal application right now from the Android Market. Using this application will help you start up a telnet connection between your computer and the G1.

This doesn't exactly qualify as a jailbreak, but it is definitely a good rooting. Getting access to a device's root allows for many hacks and there's now the possibility for a task manager. We haven't yet heard anything about whether or not this loophole will be patched or not. Check out the instructions below:

  • Turn on your phone's WiFi. This gives your phone an IP you can reach it at.
  • Get to a command prompt on your device by using the PTerminal application from the Android Market. (adb shell does not seem to work with these instructions, telnetd does not start up)
  • cd system
  • cd bin
  • telnetd
  • netstat (get your phones IP)
  • telnet into your phone's IP from your PC
  • you now have root