T-Mobile Discontinues FlexPay Option

T-Mobile is discontinuing the FlexPay option for a more conventional deposit method. This move could be the result of the high numbers of customer turnover T-Mobile has suffered recently. The new Deposit Product method will go into effect on March 13th.

T-Mobile's customer credit class will determine how much they will have to pay before activation. The range goes from $50 to $400 and the initial deposits will be returned to the customer after a year of good standing on the account. One major exception is those that are required to leave a deposit will not be able use the equipment installment plan if the option is available to them.

This change is company-wide as T-Mobile hopes to stop the loss of more customers. If a customer chooses not to have their credit checked or do not want to put down a deposit, they may purchase a prepaid plan from the carrier. The prepaid plans do include data plans.

[via TmoNews]