T-Mobile at Home to debut next month

T-Mobile has been testing their cell-to-WiFi service dubbed "T-Mobile at Home" since last year, but according to sources, they could be ready to roll it out to customers nation-wide as early as next month.

If you aren't familiar with the service, it allows customers to seamlessly switch between signals coming from cell phone towers and their home network wireless signal. This switch would allow customers to continue talking on the same phone with the same number, only using their internet connection for VoIP service. This will benefit both customers and T-Mobile because it will allow customers to talk without burning up minutes, and it will alleviate some of the stress put on cell towers.

Customers currently testing the service pay an additional $20 fee, plus $5 for each additional line. Prices are likely to chance once the service is rolled out nationwide. The best part of this service is that no additional equipment will be required. The service will work with any wireless router, as well as at over 8,000 T-Mobile hotspots.

T-Mobile's cell-to-WiFi service to launch this summer [via arstechnica]