T-Mobile announces restructuring and more job cuts

T-Mobile CEO Philip Humm issued a memo today, announcing some "difficult decisions" in restructuring the company that will involve more layoffs. The struggling carrier had recently cut 1900 jobs and closed 7 call centers, following its failed AT&T merger. Now a new round of job cuts will ensue with notifications to be sent out this week to affected employees.

The changes this week will include both the elimination of certain positions as well as the change in roles and responsibilities for certain positions. The memo doesn't reveal specifically how many employees will be affected, but it does reassure that front-line staff at T-Mobile stores, technicians in engineering, and customer service representatives at T-Mobile's remaining 17 call centers will not be affected.

The employees affected will get transition support, which includes severance, assistance with COBRA continuation coverage, and outplacement services. T-Mobile also plans to add 1,000 jobs over the next few years in its B2B segment, where it plans to shift more of its focus.

[via TmoNews]