T-Mobile 5G Home Internet service gets a big price cut

T-Mobile has cut the cost of its 5G Home Internet service, something that was done as part of its latest jab at other carriers and the fees they charge. T-Mobile is really keen on everyone knowing that it doesn't charge fees for its 5G-based home internet plan, going so far as to list its competitors' various fees and charges on "comparable" services.

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet is, as its name suggests, essentially a home Internet service that offers high-speed Internet access over T-Mobile's 5G network rather than through cable or DSL like most service providers. Though you're not getting the same kind of service you'd get from, for example, a high-speed cable provider, there are some perks with a 5G home network.

Those perks are the key things T-Mobile highlighted as part of its recent price cut announcement, including — you guessed it — a lack of fees. This includes zero equipment, early cancellation, data overage per 50GB, or installation fees, the carrier points out both in its press announcement and on its 5G Home Internet website.

With this discount, T-Mobile 5G Home Internet is now priced at $50/month. That's a pretty good deal for consumers who are within a coverage area, but who can't get traditional Internet services in their home for various reasons. T-Mobile's 5G Internet plan doesn't include data caps, though customers' speeds may decrease at times when traffic is high.

Assuming you are in a supported market and you sign up for the 5G Home Internet plan, you'll be shipped the gateway device that connects to T-Mobile's network and beams the WiFi signal throughout your home. According to the company, setting up the device involves plugging in the gateway, downloading the companion app, and following some simple directions.