T‑Mobile Home Run Derby uses 5G cameras to power MLB AR experience

Baseball fans have the opportunity to experience the game in an entirely new way with a new project between T-Mobile and Major League Baseball. Called T-Mobile Home Run Derby, the new initiative uses 5G-connected cameras mounted on catcher masks and player hats to generate an augmented reality experience for fans, one available through the new MLB AR app.

The MLB AR app was made by Major League Baseball and T-Mobile, which will allow all baseball fans to see Coors Field in 3D. The augmented reality experience will include details you don't get at home, such as the option to track ball trails, view exit velocity, projected hang time, and more.

The most interesting part of the effort is the first-person camera views that'll be made available during the T-Mobile Home Run Derby. These unique perspectives will be available during both batting practice and the actual event, marking the first time 5G wearable cameras have been used during this kind of sports event.

T-Mobile's 5G network will be used to deliver the HD content in real-time, according to the carrier, which notes that the Home Run Derby will be available on ESPN at 8 PM ET on July 12. While all fans can see the field in 3D, certain things will be limited to T-Mobile's 5G device customers, including bonus stats.

The AR experience aside, T-Mobile says that fans also have the chance to win $100,000 by submitting their predictions for game day events: who gets the longest home run, the overall winner, and similar things. The MLB Bracket Challenge went live today, allowing fans to submit their predictions up until game time starts on July 12.