System Shock 2 will be available on February 14th

Robert Nelson - Feb 13, 2013
System Shock 2 will be available on February 14th

Coming as a result of a lengthy series of negotiations, GOG has announced the availability of System Shock 2. Without any further adieu, they will have the game available for download on February 14th. Those interested will be able to purchase the game as of 11:00AM GMT and can expect to pay $9.99. Of course, the game coming available is only one portion of this story.

While we suspect there are more than a few ready and waiting to begin playing, it seems that GOG had more than 34,000 users vote in hopes to see System Shock 2 released for play. The good news here, this release is said to be “the original version in all its glory.” In other words, players will be able to apply the known mods and on extending that into the future, GOG is hoping to see new mods coming out of the community.

Those worried about the game play should be able to rest easy as it was said that the game runs “pretty much flawlessly” on Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 and that the “most recent build has gone through all of our test team PCs without a hitch.” Basically, it appears as if the only thing left to do is release the game and begin letting some (or all) of those 34,000 users get to playing.

Also worth noting, in addition to the game itself, those making the purchase can expect some extras. In fact, GOG is calling this a virtual collectors edition and are including the soundtrack as well as concept art, maps of the Von Braun, an interview with Ken Levine, the first pitch document and “much” more. So how about it, who is ready to play some System Shock 2?

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