Synology launches new consumer focused DS212j NAS server

Synology has unveiled a new consumer focused NAS server for the home user that needs some storage for all of their files. The new device is called the DiskStation DS212j and it is a dual bay NAS server. Synology says the device is budget friendly and very easy to use. The enclosure is designed to be attractive to the consumer and it has two side ventilation openings. The rear fan is also larger at 92mm to help move more heat.

Synology spent time making the new NAS device quiet so it won't bother people in the home. According to the firm, the device puts out 18.3dB of sound. It is also looks to be greener with power consumption of 17.6W under full load and when in hibernation mode it uses 5.5W of power.

This new version of the device uses DiskStation Manager 3.2 as the OS. This is a new versions of the OS made for ease of use and to be intuitive with a web-based interface. The device can also stream video to game consoles and more. The DS212j is shipping globally right now.