Symantec says about 140k Macs still infected with Flashback

The cleanup of the latest Mac malware dubbed Flashback has been underway for a few weeks now. Originally, the malware was estimated to be infecting 600,000 Mac computers. The cleanup is going well, but still has a ways to go according to Symantec.

There have been numerous malware removal tools launched for removing Flashback. One of those tools was from Symantec itself. According to the company as of this week there are still about 140,000 Mac computers infected with the Flashback malware.

It appears that Symantec is getting its information from a sinkhole domain that it was using to estimate the size of the infected Mac masses. The company notes that that sinkhole domain was unavailable April 12 so the numbers may be a bit skewed. Symantec offers its own free Norton Flashback Detection and Removal Tool if you haven't checked your own Mac for infection.