Switch-exclusive Octopath Traveler won't have any DLC after release

Octopath Traveler is unquestionably one of the most anticipated Switch games of 2018, thanks in large part to Square Enix launching two demos for the title since it was first announced. Today, Square Enix gave Switch owners another reason to look forward to Octopath Traveler by revealing that it probably won't have any post-launch DLC. If you long for the days where you bought a game and you got the full experience up front, then that's probably music to your ears.

Square Enix producer Masashi Takahashi revealed this pleasant little surprise in a lengthy interview about Octopath Traveler with Dengeki Online (as translated by Kotaku). When asked if Square Enix had any plans to release DLC for the game, Takahashi made his plans clear. "We are not thinking about that at all," he said. "The release version is a finished product."

To hear Takahashi describe the length of Octopath Traveler, it sounds like it won't need any kind of expansion anyway. He tells Dengeki that Octopath Traveler's main story takes about 50 to 60 hours to complete, making this quite the lengthy RPG. If players want to complete side missions – things like sub-quests and dungeons that aren't required to complete the main story – total play time could go as high as 80 to 100 hours.

That, at least, is what Square Enix found during internal testing, so if you've been waiting for a game you can really sink your teeth into, this could very well be it. Nintendo started advertising Octopath Traveler shortly after the Switch first launched, and almost immediately, the game garnered attention for its unique aesthetic that gives it a painted pixel art look.

Beyond its unique visual style, Octopath Traveler also stands out from the crowd thanks to its eight playable characters who each start the game in a different way. Between this DLC reveal and Octopath Traveler's intriguing quirks, this is definitely a game to watch. We'll figure out if it's any good when it launches on July 13.