Swingline unveils Stack-and-Shred paper shredder

I bet I am not the only one that gets a sick thrill out of shredding up stuff. Back when I had a real job we had a shredder in the office that would shred up staples and paperclips. I shredded more things than I can think of and it was fun. Strangely, the shredder would shred little metal objects, but more than like five sheets of paper in at once and it would choke.

Swingline has unveiled a new shredder called the Stack-and-Shred paper shredder that can shred 100 sheets of paper automatically. It doesn't appear that the thing shreds them all at one time, it looks like a feeder sucks the pages in as it can cut them up.

This shredder doesn't sound like a chipper either with quiet operation so you can keep working. It will shred old credit cards and cross cuts the pages to make confetti if the content on the page is sensitive. The bin will hold seven gallons of shred and it will shred paper clips and staples too.