Sweet looking Facebook iPhone photo sharing app leaks

TechCrunch has received some photos and a bit of info on what is claimed to be a leaked new app for the iPhone that Facebook is working on. I would wager you are on Facebook and you know how many photos are shared on the site each day by your friends alone. Imagine how many photos are shared amongst all of the people on the service each day as a whole. Photos are a huge part of the Facebook experience and the service is built in part around making them easy to share.

The full details on the new Facebook iPhone photo app are not all available right now, TechCrunch says that it is still perusing the photos and content it received. Apparently, there are 50MB worth of images alone leaked to the publication by the tipster. The new app is said to be called Hovertown or WithPeople internally at Facebook. There are apparently signs that the app you see in the photo might eventually be integrated into the official iPhone app and the main site.

I will say the app looks pretty cool. It takes the official iPhone app, filters the text and only offers up the photos for you to like and then comment on. Other than the photo here and the info I have already shared we know nothing else at this point. TechCrunch promises more tomorrow on the app.

[via TechCrunch]