Swedish Boy Has Mad WoW Skillz

I've heard the stories about WoW, the one about the kid who quit school so he'd have more time to play and the like. I've seen several spoofs of content from the game but I never played it myself. I know what it's like to be addicted to a game, I was addicted to an online game called StarKingdoms, and I'll admit it. It sucked my life away, but I over came and that's why I'll never play WoW, I've heard it's the crack cocaine of the gaming world.

Apparently, though, it does have some use, just like medical marijuana. A 12 year old Swedish boy used his amazing gaming powers on a moose and won! Thank God for WoW. When he and his sister were attacked by the animal he distracted it with loud noises allowing for the girl's escape. Then he used his level 30 WoW knowledge to feign death until the animal went away.

Who knew World of Warcraft was so pro-survival in the animal kingdom. I might have to change my mind on playing the game because who knows... tomorrow I might get attacked by a beaver (if the real world is leveled).

Swedish Boy Outthinks Angry Moose With Warcraft Skillz [via Boing Boing]