Swedish airport climate pods show you what the weather is like elsewhere

I'd wager that most of us have been traveling and spent a lot of time looking at weather reports trying to get an idea what conditions will be like at our destinations. The catch is that if you are used to warm or cold weather at your home, it can be hard to wrap your brain around just what conditions vastly different from what you are used to will feel like. The Arland airport in Stockholm, Sweden has three climate-controlled rooms that will show you exactly what the weather will feel like.

The room uses heaters, air conditioners, fans, misters, and AV elements to simulate weather conditions at a different international locations. If you are going to the Middle East, the rooms show you what high heat will feel like. If you are going somewhere cold, the AC units kick in.

If the destination is cold and rainy, the misters give you that effect. It's a very interesting way to show you what the weather will feel like. This will be particularly helpful if you have never experienced the sort of conditions your destination has, such as high heat in the Middle East or frigid cold in arctic locations.

Apparently, you get to tell the room where you are going and get the weather at that location. It sounds like a good way to warm up or cool down if you are uncomfortable in the airport. Check out the video below for more details.

SOURCE: Gizmodo