Sweater Thermometer tells you if its sweater weather or not

If you have a dire need to know the current temperature at all times, then this Temperature Sweater is the right gadget for you. Whether you live in snowy mountains or sunny California, this sweater could be a good way to let you know when it's okay to wear it and when it's not.


Okay, so most people would be able to feel when it was too hot for a sweater and remove it accordingly. But for those that just aren't too sure if a sweater is appropriate, the constant temperature readout should leave no doubt in your mind.

The sweater is made of fleece and features two thermometers on each of the sleeve cuffs. One reads out in Fahrenheit and the other reads out in Celsius. That's pretty useful. Plus, the digital thermometers aren't huge, and are large enough to read but not so large they take over the look of the sweater. You can get this sweater from Generate Design right now, though the pricing has not yet been made public.

[via OhGizmo!]