Suzuki drops 6 new prototype/concept vehicles

First on the list is a new Kizashi that is based on the machine they showed at Frankfurt not to long ago. That's the pearly white vehicle that looks like a cross between and SUV and a sports car.

Second is the Pixy, which is part of what they are calling "Sustainable Mobility" basically you won't have to completely exit your vehicle, a smaller, more personal vehicle will roll out the back. So that makes this one the really small minivan looking one with the three-wheeled Segway pod looking thing coming out the back.

Third is the Biplane which is a motorcycle that was designed after an aircraft. It's the yellow one, the one that also appears to have no handlebars but other than that it looks pretty cool.

Fourth is a fuel cell motorcycle. Wouldn't you just love it if your next laptop and your next motorcycle ran off the same thing? It's the blue motor bike.

Fifth is a 4-seater minivan that has a couple power sliding doors, its called the Palette. It looks kind of like a smaller Honda Element.

Sixth, and last in the long list, is the X-Head, which is for the more sporty, all-terrain type of person. Its yellow, and looks a lot like a Toyota FJ Cruiser with a truck bed in the back.

Suzuki unveils radical mobility concepts [via gizmag]