SurfaceTension Arcade Coffee Table brings retro gaming to the future

Who doesn't love a total luxury gadget once in awhile? And dedicated gamers, especially those with a fondness for all things retro, will no doubt fall in love with SurfaceTension's latest Arcade Coffee Table.


This is no ordinary coffee table. It features a 19" LCD screen hidden beneath the glass surface of the table. More controls are included under the table. And once you fire this thing up, you can pretend you're back in the arcade in the 80's or early 90's.

Other specs include a Shuttle PC, 2GB RAM, dual core processor, 160GB hard drive, Happ arcade buttons, 2 control sets, Happ illuminated trackball, volume controls and Sanwa joysticks. Sounds pretty cool to me. iTunes can be loaded onto it as well, making for wireless streaming of your music to a nearby stereo. It's stylish and fun. What more could you want? But the price tag is hefty at the equivalent of $4,900.

[via Born Rich]