Surface Tension - The arcade coffee table

Coffee tables are so boring, they just sit there an hold your drink and likely collect random junk over time. Wouldn't it be better if it served another function like say, playing video games? This cool coffee table does.

The Surface Tension coffee table features a glass top (you'll need to use coasters on this one) under which is a 19" LCD screen that will display some of your favorite arcade games. It runs off of a Core 2 Duo-based PC and has 160GB of storage and WiFi connectivity. Also included are two sets of arcade controls so you can face off against a friend.

Since it is essentially just a PC under the hood, you can install just about any game on it, including MAME which will play just about any old-school game you want. It's not cheap though, one will set you back $6,600.

Arcade Coffee Table: Play, Browse, and Listen in Style! [via bornrich]