Surface Pen could charge wirelessly soon

Ewdison Then - Sep 20, 2019, 5:36am CDT
Surface Pen could charge wirelessly soon

Microsoft will have a big Surface event in a few weeks and, naturally, much of the discussion has been around its Surface computers. Some even hope that it will finally show a much-awaited dual-screen device. There is also a small chance of new Surface accessories and it seems that one of the more exciting ones is the Surface Pen. At least based on a steady flow of leaks, it might finally be catching up to the world of S Pens and Apple Pencils.

FCC certification for a new Surface Pen reveals Bluetooth functionality, which could mean nothing or a lot. The current generation of Microsoft styluses already use the technology for its eraser button at the top. Given recent trends, it could also mean some form of gesture control.

There was also a patent that suggests the company is bringing back the U-clip with a special feature. The conductive part could be used as an additional input control, like sliding a finger to scroll a page.

All of these, however, will likely use up more battery. In the Surface Pen’s case, that might mean stocking up on uncommon AAAA batteries. A patent filed by Microsoft, however, reveals it might be looking at finally making thr pen itself rechargeable. The patent talks about a charging coil that sounds similar to the one found inside the S Pen and the new Apple Pencil.

That would definitely a massive improvement over the past generations of Surface Pens that required changing batteries. Of course, that would also require a Surface device that supports that kind of wireless charging but if the Surface Pen will magnetically attach to a Surface Pro or similar, it might as well charge it. We’ll know soon enough when Microsoft makes its big presentation next month, revealing the next big step for the Surface brand.

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