Surface Duo 2 might be arriving this Fall with better specs

Samsung and some manufacturers, including Google, seem to be heading towards a foldable phone future. Microsoft is, as well, but it has a very different definition of foldable. It describes its Surface Duo as a "dual-screen foldable" and admittedly made quite a good case for it nearly two years ago. Its delivery, however, was anything but convincing and it was pretty dated even before it went out the door. For those still holding a torch for the device, the Surface Duo 2 could prove to be what Microsoft's first dual-screen foldable should have been, and, based on the latest leak, it should be arriving soon.

The problem with the Surface Duo was more hardware than software. The latter is easier to fix with updates and patches but mobile hardware isn't exactly replaceable once they're there. When the Surface Duo was first announced, it was already revealed to be using less than recent hardware, even more so when it finally launched a year later.

Based on Windows Central's information, the Surface Duo 2 will at least have up-to-date specs, at least for 2021. That means a Snapdragon 888 at the very least and hopefully more RAM as well. The single main camera doesn't need a companion but should be upgraded as well.

This, of course, depends on whether the device will actually ship this year. According to the site, the good news is that it might finally happen this Fall, around September or October. Microsoft has repeatedly delayed the launch of the first Surface Duo so even fans have reason to be cautiously optimistic about this timeline.

Timing is everything in this business and, unfortunately, the Surface Duo 2 won't be shipping with Android 12 because of that. That's well and good provided Microsoft ships a more stable version of the software and it has had more than a year to actually get that right.