Surface Book packing Core i5, 128GB SSD and NVIDIA graphics returns

Back when the Surface Book first launched Microsoft was offering a model that had an Intel Core i5 processor, 128GB SSD, and the discrete NVIDIA graphics card. That particular model was the lowest priced version of the Surface Book to bring that NVIDIA dGPU and as such, it turned out to be very popular. Microsoft said at the time that it had only made a limited number of that model and it sold out quickly. Undoubtedly, Microsoft was hoping that people would instead opt for a more expensive version of the Surface Book with dGPU.

The good news if you held out for that entry level discrete graphics Surface Book is that the machine is back on the Microsoft Store. It can be purchased for the same $1699 that it cost at launch. There's nothing like a wait of eight months for people to forget about the machine or purchase something else.

For the same $1699 you can opt for a 256GB Surface Book with the standard integrated graphics. An extra $200 is not such a reach from the entry-level integrated graphics Surface eBook priced at $1499. That most basic model looks even better right now thanks to a special promotion price of $1349.

We have no idea if Microsoft built enough of these machines to meet demand this time out. If Microsoft is looking at this as a loss leader, it may sell out very quickly again. The fully loaded high-end dGPU Surface Book sells for $3199 packing 1TB of storage, Core i7 and 16GB of RAM. We went hands on with the Surface Book in our review last October at launch. Check that review out for all the details on the Surface book before you plunk down your hard earned money to buy one.

SOURCE: Neowin