SuperTalent Supernova SSDs: so advanced there's no info about them

SSD prices continue to fall, and while large capacity drives are still out of reach, more modest offerings have reached the point of being suitable for small servers. SuperTalent is hoping administrators will look towards its wares, announcing the new SATA3 SuperNova SSD series. SuperTalent is pitching the SSDs as being super reliable while featuring a silicone padding that makes the drives run cooler than other solutions.

The company is also saying that the drives are secure and fast, with fast access times and "write endurances." The company has failed to provide any kind of speeds for the drives, but previous models have hit around 540MB/s read speeds and 510MB/s write speeds. The old models also achieved random write 4KB IOPS of around 75,000.

SuperTalent will be offering two capacities for now, 128GB and 256GB. Just like the drive speeds, the company has neglected to say exactly how much the drives will cost. If you're a mysterious individual and appreciate SuperTalent's secrecy, the drives are shipping today with a three year warranty. Just don't ask us where you can get them, because the company didn't mention that either.