Supernova Infinity makes your images brighter and more crisp

When setting up a home theater system based around a projector, one generally tends to focus on the projector itself, and not so much on the screen. However, screen maker dnp says that there is good reason to invest in a high-quality screen.

They claim that their new Supernova Infinity screen is able to keep your image sharp, no matter what lighting you have in a room. They also make the bold claims that the picture comes out 2x brighter and a contrast ration that is 10x better than other screens.

They attribute this to a high-contrast filter in the screen that reflects the projected image and absorbing all other light. If you absolutely must have the best, then you might want to check it out. No word yet on pricing or availability.

dnp's Supernova Projector Screen Pumps Up Contrast Ratio and Brightness [via gizmodo]