Superhot: Mind Control Delete game will be free for most fans

Popular time-bending shooter game Superhot is getting a new sequel that will be free for game owners. Called Superhot: Mind Control Delete, the developers are promising longer gameplay with more insight into the unique world, as well as additional storylines. The same basic mechanics remain, however — players will be tasked with shooting opponents in a world where time only moves when they do.Superhot is a popular shooting game in which the player must eliminate glassy opponents who shatter when punched, hit with objects, or shot. The game is unique with a bright white environment, highlighting the angular red opponents. Time in this game slows to nothing when the gamer isn't moving — and the faster the player moves, the faster time moves.

The game is available on PC and Mac, as well as virtual reality platforms where it is particularly popular. The upcoming Mind Control Delete game will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well PC, according to the developers. The title will be released on July 16.

If you already purchased Superhot, you'll get the Mind Control Delete expansion for free. The company is offering Superhot at a steep 60-percent discount leading up to this release, meaning fans can get both Superhot and Superhot: Mind Control Delete for a total of $10; the regular price is $24.99 USD.

You'll need to buy Superhot before July 16 to be eligible for the free Mind Control Delete game — but, unfortunately, the team says this doesn't apply to players who have only purchased Superhot VR. Ultimately, players aren't required to buy the original Superhot to play Mind Control Delete, which is described as bigger than the original with additional characters and mechanics, as well as "more power and polish."

The full list of FAQ on the new game can be found on the Superhot website here.