Super Nintendo World Direct to show off the theme park for 15 minutes

Some industries were hit harder than others during this COVID-19 pandemic. Those that relied on people gathering in a single location, big or small, were some of those that got hit the hardest, and even big resorts and theme parks, like those under Disney's name, temporarily closed or let go of thousands of employees. Despite that, there are still some that try to push through, often under modified conditions, and Nintendo seems intent on showing that it's business as usual by holding a Direct live stream focused solely on its upcoming Super Nintendo World theme park.

It's definitely not a great time for the hospitality business and even worse for amusement and theme parks. That said, few probably foresaw how 2020 would be a medical disaster, and deals and constructions that were set in place long before it couldn't really be stalled for too long. After months of delays, Super Nintendo World will be opening its doors in two months and Nintendo and Universal Studios Japan are only too happy to show what visitors will be able to expect.

Just a few weeks ago, the date of the Mario-themed area of Universal Studios Japan was finally made public. Local media were also invited to get a preview. That included what would be the theme park's main attraction, an AR-powered Mario Kart experience.

That will hardly be the only available activity, though, and it seems that Nintendo is ready to reveal some more. It has scheduled a 15-minute Direct live stream that will showcase the rest of Super Nintendo World's other experiences, located at USJ's sprawling Osaka site.

Amusingly, Nintendo warns that no game content will be shown there, just to keep expectations in check. With the holidays approaching, however, Nintendo fans should probably get ready for some special treat, or at least seasonal sales and bargains.