Super Meat Boy launches on NVIDIA Shield Android TV

Games like Dark Souls are known for their ability to frustrate players with sheer difficulty, and unexpected death traps. While that's a big deal now, back in the NES era, games like that were somewhat commonplace. A few years ago one developer decided to recapture the insane difficulty of 90's games, and gave birth to Super Meat Boy. And just when you thought that game had made it to every available platform, it makes its way to yet another.

Just yesterday, Team Meat and the NVIDIA Shield team announced that the game is now available on the popular Shield Android TV platform. If you've been putting this game off, now might be the right time to pick it up.

The game features more than 300 levels, each more brutally difficult than the last. I've sank more than a few hours into it, and the difficulty ramps up gradually, and the fact that you can start over so quickly makes it easy to keep trying run after run, until you get it right. There are also a number of hidden secrets scattered throughout the game, just like the good old days.

The game is now available on the Google Play Store, and you can purchase it on your NVIDIA Shield Android TV for $14.99.

Source: Google Play