Super Mario-themed Airbnb in Tokyo is retro gaming paradise

If you were wanting to stay a few nights in a Super Mario-themed hotel or apartment, there's few places you would think to look first than Tokyo, Japan. But what you might not expect is that instead finding it in some Nintendo-hosted location, you can book it on Airbnb for only 9,000 yen (about $75) per night. Going by the Airbnb username "Heart of Tokyo," host Parker has converted a one bedroom Tokyo apartment into a floor-to-ceiling Mario masterpiece. Now all you need to do is find some affordable airfare to Japan.Nintendo/Mario fans who step inside will immediately find all kinds of recognizable decor, from Question Block lampshades and tissue boxes, to end tables designed to resemble 1-Up mushrooms, to kitchenware decorated with Bowser and Bullet Bill, Parker's perfectly titled "Mario World" just oozes creativity. With bright colors and Mario memorabilia on display all around, it will be hard not to feel like you're in a game world.

As the Airbnb listing mentions in its description, "This is not a cheap, second-hand apartment made for cynical reasons. It's a piece of art from the heart." If Parker's loving devotion wasn't evident enough, he says "I made a lot of the items you see by hand, and painted quite a few too."

The apartment features one Princess Peach-themed bedroom, and judging from the photos there is a couch that converts into a second bed, along with amenities like a kitchen, bathroom/shower, and WiFi, there's little missing. If you are thinking of booking, just be aware that this is a one bedroom apartment in Tokyo, so just expect things to be a bit more compact than what you're used to, and don't think you'll have a lavish amount of space to move around in.