Super Mario Run for iOS got a HUGE update: Here’s what’s new

Brittany A. Roston - Mar 23, 2017, 6:30pm CDT
Super Mario Run for iOS got a HUGE update: Here’s what’s new

Super Mario Run for iOS has been updated to version 2.0, and with the update comes a huge list of new features. The expected minor improvements and small changes aside, those who update will get a greater segment of the game to play even if they haven’t bought it, meaning free players are no longer limited to Toad Rally and replaying the same four levels over and over again. What else is new? Keep reading to find out!

Those who update to version 2.0 will get new Bowser’s Challenges in the free version of the game, expanding the game’s playable content for those who don’t want to spend $10 on unlocking the game. Those who complete one of these challenges, says Nintendo, will be able to unlock the formerly locked course 1-4.

Those who then clear that course will receive new Toad Rally courses where red, blue and green Toads will be available. This then snowballs into improvements with the Shop, which allows gamers to get buildings with green and blue Toads that previously wouldn’t accept them. There’s also the Blue Yoshi’s House for playing with Blue Yoshi.

New buildings have been added in version 2.0, as well, and it is now easier to get ahold of more Toad Rally tickets in the Bonus Game House.

Nintendo says that it has also tweaked the appearance of the toads in Toad Rally, and has also moved Easy Mode selection to the entrance of World Tour courses. The tutorial has also been tweaked so that gamers will have an easier time understanding it. It still shows up the first time you play the game, but can also be summoned using the ‘How to Play’ button.

Finally, Nintendo says that it has changed how many tickets players get from the “?” mystery body and has also change some Shop buildings requirements. Sound exciting? You can download the update now if you’re on iOS; those on Android can, as of yesterday, also download the game.

SOURCE: iTunes

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