Super Mario RPG hits the Wii U Virtual Console

Back in the mid-90's, Japanese-style RPG's were starting to gain popularity in the US. However, there was one game that probably did more for the genre than any other. I'm of course talking about Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. By creating an RPG that featured characters that we all know and love, it was an easy game for many to get into. And it's making its way back to peoples' homes.

There was one major downside to Super Mario RPG. Namely, it wasn't available in Europe. If you lived in that part of the world and you wanted to pick up a copy, you had to import it from the US, usually with a hefty premium. Well European fans can rejoice, as the game is being added to the Wii U's Virtual console on Thursday for just €7.99.

There's one small catch, however. So far, the game is only slated for release in Europe. That's right, those of us in the US are left out in the cold on this one. Which I suppose is only fitting, since we've had the last 19 years to play it.

Despite the lack of announcement, it's likely only a matter of time before Nintendo makes the game available in the US. Perhaps this is just simply their way of saying "we're sorry" for not releasing it on the SNES in Europe all those years ago.

VIA: Eurogamer