Super Mario Odyssey release date and hats

We expected Nintendo to focus a lot on Super Mario Odyssey during its E3 2017 livestream today, and after a series of trailers announcing various games for the Switch, it was onto the main event. Toward the end of the livestream, Nintendo delivered a rather lengthy trailer for Super Mario Odyssey. In it, we discover a lot more about the game, and it's clear that this will be one of the most creative Mario games to be released in quite some time.

The trailer starts off with, of all things, a Tyrannosaurus Rex letting loose a mighty roar. It isn't long before we discover Mario's hat sitting on top of the Rex's head, with Mario popping up shortly afterward. Then it's onto a montage of both cinematics and gameplay that shows us just how big a role hats will play in this game.

Of course, we knew that Mario's hat would be a big deal in Super Mario Odyssey – the first teaser we saw for the game months ago suggested as much. This trailer, however, shows that Mario's hat will play a critical part in the game, as you can toss it at enemies and NPCs to take control of them. If you were hoping for mechanics you've never seen in a Mario game before, it looks like Odyssey will grant your wish.

Judging from this trailer, Super Mario Odyssey is shaping up rather nicely. A game in the vein of Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Galaxy has been a long time coming, too, as we didn't get a true-to-form 3D Mario game at all on the Wii U. Have a look at the trailer in its entirety below.

There was even more good news today, as Nintendo revealed that Super Mario Odyssey will be out on October 27, 2017. If you're like me and you were initially thinking that Nintendo would pick a November or December release date, then this is a pleasant surprise. Are you excited? Head down to the comments section to let us know, and check out all of our E3 2017 coverage for more from the show!