Super Mario Odyssey 100% run accomplished in 17 hours

If you're anything of a gamer, you may have at least heard of the Twitch and YouTube trend of speedruns. While definitely impressive, it isn't the only noteworthy way to "run" a game. Just as awe-inspiring and, at the same time, bewildering are 100% runs that aim to collect and complete anything an and everything that the game has to offer in one single playthrough. Just like what gamer Okikurume accomplished by getting every single moon and collectible in Super Mario Odyssey in a little over 17 hours.

So he got all moons, what's the big deal? Just to give you an idea of the magnitude of the feat, here are some juicy figures. There are 999 moons in Super Mario Odyssey but that's only one part of what makes a 100% run really 100%. The game also had 52 monsters to be collected, 82 songs to be filled, not to mention hats, costumes and souvenirs. All of which had to be gained in order to truly be able to claim absolute completion.

And isn't just the act of collecting that factors into it. You also have to consider what it took to collect all those. Some of the moons could only be purchased using in-game coins, which meant that Okikurume had to grind for those coins. He took advantage of a repeatable bonus level full of coins. Each run earned him 180 coins. He needs 33,000 coins in total.

But wait, there's more! The final moon is hidden in a stage that can only be unlocked if you've thrown Mario's possessed cap 5,000 times. You'd think that having gotten that far in the game you'd actually thrown it that much. Not quite.

Unlike a speedrun, there are no shortcuts to be exploited. You need to get everything there is to be gotten, and get them in fastest way possible. It's this type of accomplishment that will earn you a spot in the gaming hall of fame. And probably a ticket to Gamers Anonymous.

VIA: Kotaku