Super Mario Maker level turns you into a Mercedes-Benz GLA

Have you ever been playing a Mario game and wondered just how much easier it would be if he could just hop in a car and ride to the other end of the level? After all, those goombas wouldn't be much of a match for a few thousand pounds of steel. Well, if you've ever thought that this would be a great idea, then today is your lucky day.

If you load up Super Mario Maker today, you'll be able to find the "Jump'n'Drive" level. This is a special level designed by some of the folks over at Mercedes-Benz. As you can imagine, this level includes a costume that essentially turns your favorite plumber into a Mercedes-Benz GLA. Once you beat the level, you'll get to keep the car, and it'll show up as a Mystery Mushroom costume in other levels.

This isn't the first time we've seen Nintendo partner up with the car maker. Nintendo released a DLC pack for free back in August of last year. This update also included the GLA. While I'm not always a fan of product placement and such, these types of free and optional updates are more amusing than distracting.

The course should be live sometime later today, so all you need to do is peruse the Event Courses section to find it.