Super Frontech Vision LD TV - The biggest TV you'll find

Everyone likes big-screen TV's, the bigger the better, right? If you haven't been able to find one that is quite big enough for you, you might want to talk to someone at Fujitsu, they've got what you need.

They have officially unveiled their 231-inch LCD TV which is the largest of its kind. The Fujitsu Super Fontech Vision LD has an impressive size, but much past that it's relatively boring, crappy even. With a resolution of only 512 x 288, your movies are going to look like total crap. The price is pretty astonashing though, as I find it incredible that there might be someone who would shell out $500,000 for one of these.

If you want some big-screen action without buying a gigantic TV, just get a really nice projector. It's going to cost less than half a mil, and will be much easier to get through your front door.

Fujitsu Gone Nuts, Unveils 231-inch Super Frontech Vision LD TV [via bornrich]