Sunrise 'Meet' is the smartest iOS keyboard around

We've all been there — you're trying to schedule a meeting, but the back-and-forth of finding a time can be maddening. To help make the process easier, Sunrise is introducing Meet, a keyboard that brings up your calendar and lets you choose open times for getting together with someone else. Not only do you get a quick glance at your Calendar, but you can select open time slots and offer them up as times you can meet with someone on the other end of your chat or email.

You can also select more than one availability, then let the other party choose what's best for them. Times not chosen will return to your calendar as open availability.

If you really want to be direct about meeting up, you can also add a location to the invitation.

The other party in your chat will only see an appointment link; there's no fussy hoops for them to jump through. And yes, even those who don't use Sunrise can take advantage of a link sent to them.

The keyboard invitation system is pretty brilliant. It'll save you quite a bit of back-and-forth (between apps and in conversation) and allow you to just be direct about meeting up. For those who take a lot of meetings, Sunrise may now be the go-to Calendar app.

Source: Sunrise

Via: The Next Web