Summer camp for the internet addict - Only in China

Never have I been so happy that I'm nearly 23 and don't live in China. Otherwise I'm sure I'd be a perfect candidate for for their new sumer camp for those with an internet addiction between the ages of 14 and 22.

Well, maybe I wouldn't be the perfect candidate, as they focus on those addicted to online games, pornography and cybersex. I'll let you guess which one I'm addicted to. The camp lasts only 10 days and combines a form of therapy and military drills similar to those used in the Addiction Treatement Center in Beijing.

The camp was created because around 13% of the internet users in China under the age of 18 are considered addicts. There have also been a number of internet-related deaths in the reigon. I'll admit that I'm an internet junkie, but I really think that there are worse addictions out there. Besides, I was actually outside for a little while the other day.

Addicted to the internet? Then your going to summer camp. [via gadgetell]