Sub-$500 Optimus Maximus keyboards coming soon

Those hoping to get their hands on the uber-expensive (and equally cool-looking) Optimus Maximus keyboard are going to be a bit disappointed. They've completely sold out of their first run. The good news is that those that already preordered will be getting their units as early as next month, and new (lower) prices are on the way.

The team has announced that the keyboards will ship with somewhat limited functionality to start with, but monthly firmware updates should give you the full features in time. Kind of a bummer for early adopters, but hey, at least you'll have the keyboard.

The best news of all is that next week the team plans to unveil some new configurations for the keyboard which will start in the sub-$500 price bracket. Who knows what you'll lose to get one that cheap. We'll let you know when they make any further announcements.

[via Optimus Project]