Study says too much Facebook is unhealthy for kids

A new study has shown that too much Facebook time may be bad for kids. The study comes from psychologist Larry Rosen at Cal State Dominguez Hill. Rosen has been studying the effects of technology on people for 25 years and his latest study looks at the effects of social networking on students. The case study on the latest research Rosen performed was presented at the American Psychological Association's annual convention in Washington, D.C. recently.

Rosen found that teens who use more technology like video games or the internet tended to have more stomach aches, sleeping issues, anxiety, and depression. He also found in the study that teens that logged onto Facebook constantly were more narcissistic since social networking is exactly what the narcissist seeks out. They can share themselves constantly on their terms using social networking.

Perhaps the most shocking finding in the study (NOT) was that when Rosen and his colleagues watched middle school, high school, and college students studying for exams over 15 minutes they found that most were only able to focus for two to three minutes before moving to other things like texting or apps. They called that ADD in my day. Rosen says that parents should have constant open communications with kids about how they are using technology and ask questions in a way that kids will feel comfortable.

[via LATimes]